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Education Case Study

Internationally respected  and recognised, University of London Worldwide is one of the world’s leading academic institutions. Why do they rely on GEM to deliver distance learning programmes across the globe?

Students move around and their lifestyles are flexible. Different countries have varying attitudes to what is ‘urgent’ and channels of communication vary widely. Against this background, GEM set out to create a service for our client which manages,  coordinates and delivers study material to students and academic centres – offering complete reliability, accountability and peace of mind for our client and their widely varying network of customers.

Today, our client delegates despatch and shipment to GEM, safe in the knowledge that everything from study material to exam scripts are despatched and delivered within a strictly adhered to, and agreed, time frame.

Utilising GEM’s own operation in Singapore and London and selecting from our network  to find the strongest and most suitable delivery partners on a country by country basis, we have created a unique product serving B2B and B2C addresses around the world.

Transparent, uniquely flexible and working individually with each student and academic centre to inform them of deliveries, allow them to alter delivery times and make any changes needed to fit in with their needs, GEM’s bespoke tracking service allows for redirection of live shipments, assimilation of detailed and specific delivery instructions and other modifications, all designed to ensure that deliveries arrive in the right hands, in the right place, at the right time.

Our customer service function operates from 0700 to 2100 each day, monitoring each individual delivery, ensuring that scheduled deliveries are completed and a full proof of delivery is obtained.

Our client comes to us for information. Students direct their queries through us. The result is a bespoke service which frees our client from numerous shipment tracking and delivery enquiries, enabling them to focus on their direct roles. At the same time, students and academic institutions can communicate directly with us, resulting in a transparent service which enables everyone to know exactly where their shipment is at any given time. We’ve improved first time delivery rates dramatically and we constantly provide an on time success rate of 98% worldwide.

Undelivered shipments are at an all-time low. The need to re-send study material has been drastically reduced. Saving money. Saving effort. Enhancing our client’s reputation, supporting students, making a complex operation…simple.

“read what the University of London says about us.”