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GEM Worldwide was created in response to a genuine need and designed to set a new standard of customer expectation. Aware that some carriers had become inflexible and impersonal, we set out to offer a credible alternative. GEM’s worldwide shipping services are designed to work with individual customers, individually. The result is a better kind of service for companies which import and export throughout the world.

Research shows that businesses today are searching more and more for partners to work with, as opposed to simply hiring suppliers. And while some customers have come to us via recommendation and others have simply searched for ‘worldwide shipping services’, all have found a service that exceeds expectations. GEM is a worldwide delivery company which builds relationships of trust with its customers, and these relationships inspire confidence. As a result, customers feel able to delegate to GEM. They are able to outsource their despatch departments, utilise our pick and pack facilities, benefit from our leading shipping and information technology and depend on measurable, reliable and consistent delivery. Most importantly, they are supported with a personal, single point of contact who will work as an extension of their company.

Our worldwide deliveries range from a single crucial document to a large stock delivery of machine parts. We work closely with delivery partners who are chosen on the basis of their regional knowledge, reliability and proven reputation. We trust our partners. Our clients trust us and return to us time and again. The reason is simple. We think of everything.

Our customers come from numerous business and industry types; universities, record companies, marketing agencies, tourism, financial institutions, government embassies, software companies, hotel groups, publishing and financial print companies and more. Many are leaders within their field. We are proud to support their success and to enjoy a very high degree of customer loyalty.

Our customers choose GEM Worldwide, not only for the service we provide as a leading worldwide delivery company, but for the professional, friendly, balanced and personal manner in which we work with each of them.

It all adds up to peace of mind, allowing our customers to concentrate on the areas within their own organisations and markets where they are the experts.

To find out more about worldwide shipping services UK, please contact us on: 01753 681500 or