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Shipments are never ‘out of our hands’

Hansford Sensors is an international company which specialises in delivering excellence in the design and manufacture of industrial monitoring vibration and temperature equipment. They trust GEM to deliver time-critical orders and stock direct to their customers and offices in locations ranging from a delivery in Sweden to a gold mine in Chile or an office in Australia.

Hansford Sensors book all their orders online, dictating the level of service needed. This can range from a next day, pre 9am delivery, a ‘next working day’ delivery to a delivery that simply has to arrive within 2-3 working days. The rest, they leave up to GEM. Using our extensive network of  delivery partners, a range of pre-alert, in-transit and journey monitoring emails and other contacts, GEM monitors and shepherds each delivery every single step of the way. Public holidays, disruption, poor weather…GEM works tirelessly to find a route through every problem. Once deliveries are made, Hansford Sensors get automatic real time proof of delivery. And peace of mind.