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Insurance can be provided for shipments, depending on the destination and contents of the shipment some limitations and exclusions may apply. More information click here.

Shipment insurance for approved goods is calculated by total shipment value (including shipping costs):

Destination Charge
United Kingdom £20.00 or 2% of calculated shipment value
Europe & Rest of the World £30.00 or 2% of calculated shipment value

New and/or Used Mobile Phones, Blackberries, Laptops, Palm Tops, Tablets & similar equipment, click here for insurance charges and more information

Limitations and Exclusions The service provided includes, but is not limited to: loss, damage or expense caused by insufficient, unsuitable or where required manufacturers packaging has not been used in packing or preparation of the shipment. GEM will not be liable in any event for consequential or indirect losses or damages.

Get an insured shipment quote-contact us at or call 01753 681500 (select option 1).