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2003 – Launch of a new worldwide shipping company

In a small office and with some shared warehouse space, GEM is born. The company ethos is to provide an excellent delivery service supported with first class customer service. The company’s founders determine to be proactive and transparent in everything they do; to be flexible and open and to provide bespoke systems and services to any business. While the company starts small, its experience and capabilites are huge…

2006 GEM opens customer service function in Singapore

Working with their delivery partner in Singapore,  GEM launch a local customer service provision to support growing demand in the region and to provide transparent, real-time customer support, delivered by a local team.

2007 Company growth leads to move

February 2007, GEM move to their current location at Heathrow.  The new 8000 ft2 facility reflects the expansion of this worldwide shipping company and enables GEM to continue to deliver an excellent service to its customers and better working conditions for its staff

2008 GEM Changes operating systems

GEM changes its in house operating and customer online systems.  Twelve months’ planning comes to an end as the company migrates to a new system. GEM takes this strategic decision to enable it to provide its customers with market leading technology and all-round better customer experience.  From booking online, tracking a shipment through to receiving information and processing invoices, customers find the new system fast and easy.

2012 GEM officially opens branch in Singapore

With business growing in Singapore, GEM consolidates activity by officially opening a new branch to meet current and future demand and to deliver the best customer experience. All customer collection and deliveries are completed using GEM’s own fleet of vehicles.


GEM launch their new customer online service, helping to simplify and speed up the preparation of shipments for shipping. A unique dashboard facility It’s all about GEM’s commitment to transparency, accountability, service.

GEM prides itself on being a worldwide shipping company with a better approach to customer service. If you would like to be updated on future developments, or have any comments, please contact us on:(+65) 6908 0210 or