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Security, efficiency, transparency

GEM’s shipping support services include Archive & Record Management capability. Companies of all sizes rely on GEM to store and manage their records, on or offline. GEM’s offline storage services are based at our own secure facilities, enabling customers to free up valuable storage space on their own premises while GEM keeps their hard copy records in perfect order; secure, confidential – and easily accessible.

All aspects of record management can be delegated to GEM. On or offline, GEM manages commercial records, documents and files, providing data storage, file retrieval and secure destruction services.

Covering all areas of document and data management, whether acting purely as storage or involved in providing additional services, customers depend on GEM to keep their records safe.

Your records are held securely  – and can be accessed only by those authorised to view them.

Services include:

* Offsite document storage – saves space

* Desk-to-desk file retrieval and return service

* All year round access to data

* Secure online access to records

* Confidential, secure data destruction and shredding

For further details of shipping support services or our record management services, please contact our customer service team on (+65) 6908 0210