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Export Freight Services UK-Europe-Worldwide

GEM works with leading international delivery partners, chosen from among the world’s most prominent logistics companies. This enables us to design and manage export solutions that are tailor-made to meet precise requirements. Our export freight services are uniquely adaptable and responsive. They’re part of a portfolio of services which make us a worldwide shipping company like no other.

Whatever international delivery you need to make, wherever it needs to go, GEM – with a network of delivery partners covering over 200 countries and islands – has the capability to deliver.  By utilising the regional strengths of different carriers to the benefit of customers, we offer the best of all worlds, combining customer-centred service with the support of the world’s finest courier networks.

GEM Worldwide provide the following International Express Services:

International Saver Services

Automatic email notification of shipment despatch sent to receiver

Automatic Proof of delivery provided with every shipment as standard.

Export Freight Services UK: for more information regarding our export freight services, contact us on 01753 681500 or

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