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Import Freight Services UK: bringing efficiency home.

Importing documents and goods can be challenging, depending on where they’re coming from and the nature of the shipment. GEM’s knowledge and experience is invaluable in helping make the process as smooth as possible.

GEM has in-depth knowledge of worldwide Customs procedures, specialised local insights via its international partners and many years’ experience of troubleshooting in countries across the world. It all combines to make GEM one of today’s most dependable import specialists.


Import Express – Collections for express import available from more than 130 countries for delivery into the UK

Simple to use online tracking service full Track and Trace service so you can monitor your shipment’s status at every point of its journey.

Automatic Proof of delivery provided with every shipment as standard.

Import Freight Services UK: for more information regarding our import freight services, contact us on 01753 681500 or

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