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Reflecting your standards.

Magazine proofs? Design samples? Original artwork? We’ll get them there faster and  monitor their journey desk to desk – across the world. Or maybe, you’re on a photographic shoot. A vital prop or document is needed, urgently. It can’t just be dropped off. It’s got to get straight into the right hands. GEM understands.

At GEM, we work closely with our advertising clients, shaping our service to meet specific needs. This could mean delivering an exhibition stand at a moment’s notice. Crossing London in record time to pick up a piece of photographic kit and delivering it, pronto. Or it could mean flying out a pair of Louboutins to L.A. without delay. Whatever.  We’re there.

Technically, we simply handle advertising freight. But we go further. We appreciate your pressures. We deliver.

For more information regarding freight services for the advertising industry, please contact our advertising freight specialists on 01753 681500 or