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Education shipping: studying the specifics.

We could be handling eagerly awaited university admission letters sent to remote locations or the time-sensitive delivery of question papers to an examination centre. It may be distance learning manuals despatched direct by us. Whatever and wherever we deliver, be it a single item to a specific student or coordinated shipments across the world, GEM’s education shipping service understands and adapts to study cycles, academic pressures and the need for flexibility.

GEM works with more than 70,000 students and institutions in over 180 countries.

With offices in London and Singapore, our service offers numerous practical, logistical and financial advantages to educational institutions large and small. GEM relieves many educational institutions of time-consuming student enquiries and moving challenges; interfacing on the institution’s behalf and handling all delivery queries and requests. Accurate and meticulously efficient, our job is to ensure that material arrives in the right hands, in the right place and at the right time, anywhere in the world

Education shipping is a highly specialised area. Naturally, there are challenges along the way. A student may change address (or move continents) while a shipment is in transit. At the same time other challenges present themselves on a daily basis. An academic centre, for example, may not have the facilities to unload a pallet of books. Whatever the problem, we can cope. We can help. It’s what we do best.

For more information regarding freight services for the education sector, please contact our education freight specialists on 01753 681500 or

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