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Meeting the challenge.

GEM shares the urgency of the manufacturing industry.  Every second that a production line is idle or a project is delayed costs money and destroys confidence. We share our customers’ pressures. Their challenges are ours.

We import and export raw materials, safety components, temperature-sensitive, fragile or just plain urgent shipments to arrive on schedule and in perfect condition, monitoring their progress every step of the way.

Many of our customers import from numerous worldwide locations and need co-ordinated deliveries to arrive on time. We organise. We deliver. Our intimate, country-by-country insights enable us to advise on correct Customs procedures to make importing and exporting smooth and hassle-free. Our hand-picked delivery partners work closely with us so we can monitor shipments and deliveries at every stage of their journey. And when we say ’proactive troubleshooting’, we mean it. At the first sign of any problem we’re right there, finding a solution.

For more information regarding freight services for the manufacturing sector, please contact our freight specialists on 01753 681500 or