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MyGEM is a customised online system which offers convenience, accuracy and efficiency when preparing and tracking shipments. This secure area gives customer access to at-a-glance information – and is complemented by GETinformed, a service which sends automatic notifications and proof of consignment delivery¬†via ¬†email. MyGEM is one of GEM’s dedicated shipping support services. It is accessible only by authorised personnel, via an individual log-on code. MyGEM gives customers access to their own shipping dashboard, which provides details of:

The customer also uses this area to book online, using our web based shipping system. They can then:

my-gem-image-update my-gem-image-update2

An illustration of the shipping dashboard. For further details of all GEM’s shipping support services, please contact us on: 01753 681500 or Download your copy of the MyGEM User Guide here.